Separating food waste and packing material


Putzmeister delivered, in close cooperation, the equipment for the transportation of the biomass and as well the machinery for the depacking of the expired food.

In the moment the search for renewable Energy has highest priority. Target is to make Energy and Heat out of biogenic waste material ike foodwaste and expired food. This will shown at the example of the Biomethanisation plant “MUT Koessen-Kaiserwinkl” in Austria.

4.000 t/a of foodwaste from restaurants, organic waste from household and expired packed food are treated to Methangas in this plant. This methangas are used in gas engine to produce electrical energy and heat. The plant get paid for the receiving heat and electricity for the public net.

The Company Finsterwalder Umwelttechnik / Bernau (GER) designed and build this installation.